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Part of our commitment to keeping antique jewelry accessible to everyone is offering flexible layaway plans. We want everyone to be able to have their special piece. Got a question? You're in the right place! Feel free to drop us an email below or shoot us an email at

Let's Talk Layaway

How it works:

1. We take a 25%, non-refundable deposit to secure the item. Layaway is available on most items over USD 125.00.

2. You will work with Lillian to figure out the length of the desired layaway plan and

the amount for monthly payments.

3. We will send a PAYPAL invoice via email. The invoice will be for the item's total amount; however, you can make your partial monthly payments on this invoice by selecting “partial payment” instead of “full amount.” The email associated with the PayPal account is  For longer layaways, we do need to add the paypal fees to the total cost of the item. 

4. When the item is paid in full, we will pack and ship via USPS with tracking and insurance. The shipping and packaging costs are already included in the item's price.

Important note: You will want to keep the email containing the link to your invoice so you can revisit it easily for future payments- and of course, we can always send another if you lose the link. You can make your payment any time within the month with the PayPal invoice. This invoice will also allow you to make additional payments if you want to pay off the item sooner. If you miss a payment, we will send a gentle reminder.

If you have any questions during the process, feel free to contact Lillian any time via Instagram or our official email address here:


The Policy: Fine print

Because we are a small business, all purchases made on layaway are FINAL SALE. We will keep the item safe for you while the balance is paid.


If you haven’t paid your balance within the agreed-upon window, you forfeit your payments, and we will return the item to our stock. (This hasn't happened yet, 90% of our layaways are cool as a cucumber!)

Please Note: We understand that life happens. Please send us a message if you are having issues making a payment. 90% of the time, we can work out an extension. There is no shame in reaching out. remember, we WANT you to have cool antique jewelry. However, if the purchaser goes up to 3 months without payment or contact, all payments are forfeited, and the item is returned to stock. This has never happened before, but we need it for formality and to protect our little business.


Because we are so small, when layaway payments aren’t made, it dramatically affects operations. We typically don’t do more than two layaways at a time per person.

You agree to all the terms associated with the layaway plan by completing the checkout process and starting layaway payments.


A commitment to telling the stories of the past

through the jewelry we wear today
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