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Timeless Style is Never an Accident

Welcome to Accidental Antiquarian. We believe antique jewelry is for everyone, and certain treasures survive the ravages of time for a reason - to find you. We scour the world searching for unique pieces and then decode the symbolism, revealing the pulse and history behind the jewel. There is something extraordinary about the secret stories and cultural nuances revealed in jewelry design through the ages. When you collect a piece of antique jewelry, you become a custodian of history.


Each piece has a story, but the adventure continues with you. 

Victorian Heart necklace with amethyst
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Authentic. Sustainable. Unique.

Timeless style is never an accident. So whether you’re looking for a little piece of history, or looking to make a big statement, we’ve got you covered. Our collection is curated by hand, and we stock one-of-a-kind antique (and vintage!) pieces for everyone. You may be a serious collector, or maybe you are at the beginning of your antique jewelry journey; you are welcome here. 


In addition to our rotating stock of genuine antique and vintage jewelry, here at Accidental Antiquarian, we champion education. We love deep diving into history to explore the WHYS, WHENS, and HOWS that make these treasured heirlooms unique.

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Hi I'm Lillian

I'm a Dork. 

I started Accidental Antiquarian by accident. I wish that were a joke, but it's not. This small business was born out of an obsession with history and collecting. I’ve always been an antique collector and art history nerd, but something changed when I started collecting antique jewelry. I became addicted to the research and the HUNT. I don't know exactly how it happened, but suddenly I was sourcing, selling, and curating antiques online. I had been working as an art director in fashion and apparel, and before that, I was a fine arts professional, painting and curating. I decided to follow my daydream: Jewelry with a side of history. 

I love when I see someone become excited about history because of jewelry. I realized people were enjoying learning about these old treasures, so I started focusing on creating educational content for social media. In doing this, I've connected with many fantastic collectors and historians. I love relating people to history through fashion, and I’m obsessed with decoding the symbolism and “whys” of the past. 


When I’m not out hunting for antique sparklies, I can usually be found hanging with my family, watering tons of house plants, yelling at cats knocking over antiques, or drinking tea with my face stuck in magazines from the 1800s. Thanks for being here with me! 


Our Ethos

Core Values

Our core values lie at the heart of every business decision we make. Here at Accidental Antiquarian, we are committed to the following:



Equity & Inclusion

Community > Competition

Education / Preservation

Accidental Antiquarian is here to share and celebrate timeless antique jewelry, history, and the human experience. We are here to serve both established and novice collectors alike. Our mission is to provide educational content for new collectors and create a safe space to explore the fascinating world of antique jewelry. We are excited and passionate about history and want to share that with you. Educational content is found on our blog, YouTubeInstagram, and TikTok. 


When you shop for Antique jewelry, you also shop for pre-loved jewelry. We care deeply about both the environment as well as preserving history. Collecting antique and vintage is not only a great way to have unique historical jewelry but also a way to share and preserve the past. We are the custodians of this planet, and we're all in this together! So stick it to the man and shop antique. 



Antique and Vintage jewelry, most of the time, pre-loved. Some pieces are well over 100 years old. Because these pieces are antiques, they may sometimes show signs of age-related wear. We want our community to be happy with their purchases. As part of our transparency policy, we provide a condition report in the description for every piece. This can be found on the product pages. If you aren't sure about an item, please reach out; we are always happy to answer your questions or provide additional product images by request.

A commitment to telling the stories of the past

through the jewelry we wear today
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