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Timeless style is never an accident. So whether you’re looking for a little piece of history or looking to make a statement, we’ve got you covered. Our collection is curated by hand, and we stock one-of-a-kind antique (and vintage!) pieces for everyone. You may be a serious collector, or maybe you are just starting your antique jewelry journey. You are welcome here. 


Here at Accidental Antiquarian, we are passionate about deciphering jewelry tales through the exploration of design and craftsmanship through the ages. Each treasure has a tale to tell, but the story isn’t finished yet, because the adventure continues with you. 

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sustainability & preservation

When you shop for Antique jewelry, you are also shopping for pre-loved jewelry. We care deeply about both the environment as well as preserving antique pieces. Collecting antique and vintage is a great way to curate your personal timeless style, but it is also a way to recycle, reuse and minimize the effects of fast fashion. We are the custodians of this planet, so let's do our part to protect it.



Join the antique jewelry fun online

Follow along on Instagram and Tiktok for fun jewelry history facts, story sales and new (old) stock launches!

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A commitment to telling the stories of the past

through the jewelry we wear today
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